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High Country Roto-Rooter: skilled, safe, ethical

High Country Roto-Rooter, headquartered in Breckenridge, Colorado is an accredited pipes, septic, sewer and drains maintenance company.

Why do accreditations matter?

They matter because you’re trusting a firm like us to carry out vital work on your home or business premises… and you’d like to be reassured that we know exactly what we’re doing, that we’ll get it right first time and that, once finished, your wastewater, drainage, sewer or septic issue is well and truly solved.

Specifically you want to be sure we’re

  • Skilled – that we are simply excellent at what we do
  • Equipped – that we use tools and devices that do outstanding work in a cost-effective way
  • Knowledgeable – that we’re at the forefront of innovations and new methods in our industry
  • Safe – that we’re going to keep you and us safe and healthy while we’re working for you
  • Ethical – that this is more than just a job – it’s a vocation and we’re here to serve you

High Country Roto-Rooter is highly active in our industry. We don’t just dig some drains, flush some debris and call it a day. Lots of firms claim to be ‘professional’ but we walk the walk. We take care to use properly maintained and up to date equipment, we use the best technology on the market and we keep ourselves – the workers who do the actual work – trained and up to date with all the most effective working practices.

Our efforts to stay at the front of everything that’s important in this industry is your assurance that when High Country Roto-Rooter technicians arrive at your site you know you’ve got the best in the industry on your side.

National Association of Wastewater Technicans

The management of sanitary liquid waste is a discipline of its own. High Country Roto-Rooter is accredited by the National Association of Wastewater Technicians – an organisation that advocates the use of the best approved methods of collection, transportation, beneficial reuse, and treatment of septage and sanitary waste in compliance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations. As standards are raised across all firms in this area our customers reap the benefits of consistently effective waste management.

Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater

Too many people learn the waste water business ‘on the job’ – sometimes at the expense of their customers. The customer expects the person they’ve hired to know how their water and sanitation systems work – and how to clear, fix and repair them to a standard that ensures they’ll run properly for years to come. Despite our three decades of onsite work experience we never assume we know it all until we’ve got ourselves trained and accredited. We’re accredited by the CPOW who run standardised training so that practitioners become educated to a consistently high standard.

National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association

High Country Roto-Rooter works in many onsite water environments where water wastage is dealt with locally rather than as a part of a centralised sewer system. This area of wastewater management has its own unique opportunities and challenges. The National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) works to educate and drive up standards so that customers receive a consistently high standard of service. We’re accredited by the NOWRA so that we remain at the forefront of the learning and innovation that is coming out of this part of our industry.

National Environmental Health Association

High Country Roto-Rooter’s work means we often find ourselves coming into close contact with unsanitary water and an unhealthy work environment. It’s imperative that we maintain a healthful working environment both for our staff who carry out this work and for our customers who rely on us to complete their projects in the safest way possible. Professionals who earn a Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian credential from NEHA are recognised as having achieved an established standard of excellence – as verified by examination.

As you can see High Country Roto-Rooter is active in industry bodies that seek to promote consistently high standards across all levels of practice. We’re especially keen to ensure that the work we do for customers is completed correctly first time – and that its beneficial effects continue to serve the customer well long after we’ve left the premises.

We’re also very concerned to ensure safe and healthful work environments for both our employees and for the customers we serve. This is good business and it’s good ethics; our accreditations within our industry are your reassurance that High Country Roto-Rooter takes all its responsibilities extremely seriously.

Why do people use High Country Roto-Rooter time and again?

Many of our customers are repeat customers. There may be many reasons for this but we think those reasons include:

  1. High Country Roto-Rooter is local: we don’t just work here, we live here too
  2. We’ve served the people and businesses of this area for more than 30 years
  3. All local areas covered: Summit, Eagle, Clear Creek, Park and Lake Counties
  4. We look good at work! Our staff wear uniforms, trucks are branded and clean
  5. People trust us – the independent Better Business Bureau scores us as A+
  6. Active in our industry, professionally accredited: NEHA, CPOW, NOWRA, NAWT
  7. Always updating equipment/machinery, always improving methods and techniques
  8. From a residential faucet leak to an industrial flood – we fix it

High Country Roto-Rooter covers the following towns and their surrounding areas: Breckenridge, Frisco, Siverthorne, Dillon, Eagle, Vail, Avon, Eagle-Vail, Edwards, Gypsum.

And we cover these counties: Summit County, Eagle County, Clear Creek County, Park County, Lake County.