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CCTV & Video Pipe Inspections

Use Cameras to Inspect Your Pipes. Isolate the Issue with Remote Control CCTV

When you own or manage a home or commercial building you will know from experience that all sorts of things can go wrong.

For three decades we’ve dealt with sewer and pipe problems all over Summit, Eagle, Clear Creek, Park and Lake Counties and one of the least pleasant problems faced by our customers is a blocked wastewater pipe – and especially the backed up water that may flow back into your building if it isn’t addressed.

How do you find out what’s blocking your wastewater pipe?

The traditional method is to take an educated guess where the blockage is occurring, dig up the ground where that part of the pipe lays…. and hope you were right. If you weren’t right well, keep on trying until you are.

Needless to say, that’s messy, time consuming and expensive.

Fortunately, this isn’t what happens at High Country Roto-Rooter Breckenridge. Instead, we carry out CCTV Video Camera Pipe Inspections to make everything right again.

What is a CCTV Video Camera Pipe Inspection?

A CCTV Pipe Inspection uses very clever, very versatile underground CCTV cameras to detect problems.

The cameras get into even very small pipes and give us full 360 degrees views of everything that’s going on in there.

If it’s there – a crack, damage, tree roots, fat or any other reason for your pipes being blocked – we’re going to find it.

Why should I have a CCTV Pipe Inspection or Drain Survey?

The most obvious reason is when you suspect your wastewater pipes are clogged or leaking. Fix them immediately or the problems quickly multiply.

But if you’re buying a house or building you may want to check that you’re not buying someone else’s pipe problems.

If you’re selling, ensure you discover a pipe problem before your buyer does.

And if you like to maintain your pipes on an annual basis – to nip potential problems in the bud – then a CCTV Pipe or Drain survey makes a lot of sense.

How Does CCTV Pipe Inspection Save you Time and Money?

Because there’s no guesswork in this service.

Got a problem?

We can tell you what’s causing it – and how we can fix it – in one single, easy visit.

Need reassurance that everything’s okay underground?

A thorough Video Camera Pipe inspection not only reveals everything about the state of those pipes we’ll give you a DVD copy of the inspection so you can show it to anyone else who needs to know.

Our Video Camera inspections save you a small fortune in man-hours and labour costs. One technician inserts the camera into the pipeline, detects the problem and determines the fix.

Video Camera Pipe inspections are

  • Clean: no digging of ground required
  • Quick: we can isolate the problem straight away
  • Effective: our cameras have 360 degrees vision – they miss nothing
  • Convenient: can detect the problem now and decide on the fix there and then
  • Reassuring: you’ve got wastewater backing up into your building – you know we can fix it for you

High Country Roto-Rooter Breckenridge is a local family-run business based in Breckenridge, Colorado which covers Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon, Eagle, Vail, Avon, Eagle-Vail, Edwards, Gypsum and surrounding areas…

…and we’ve been providing first-rate drains, wastewater and sewer services for over three decades. We know what we’re doing! Speak to one of our technicians now and we’ll be pleased to advise you.

You can learn more are CCTV & Video Pipe Inspections and how we provide services from our base in Breckenridge, Colorado by visiting our CCTV Inspections: The fastest way to a great outcome page.