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Drains and Sewers – Unclogged, cleared and fixed

Clogged toilets, blocked pipes or broken sewers need fixing quickly

If water isn’t draining out of your house in the way it’s supposed to then that suggests a blocked pipe or drain somewhere in your system. If your toilet or sink is clogged or water is collecting inside or outside your house then High Country Roto-Rooter Breckenridge needs to take a look.

However tempting don’t put off investigating this straight away! Unfortunately, these problems get worse – not better.

My Drain Is Blocked – What Do I Do?

In over three decades of helping people in Summit, Eagle, Clear Creek, Park and Lake Counties with this kind of problem we know one thing for sure: the cause of the blockage can be near where you’re experiencing the problem – or it could be away from your property – perhaps underneath your back yard or parking lot, for example.

So first, let us determine exactly where the blockage is – and what is causing it. Then we’ll know exactly how to go about fixing it.

How Do You Identify Where The Drain Blockage Is?

At High Country Roto-Rooter Breckenridge we often use CCTV video to pinpoint the problem. CCTV video cameras provide a quick, easy and very reliable way of inspecting underground pipes – and it avoids the messy business of digging them up to locate the blockage.

Once we know what’s going wrong we can decide how to fix the problem.

How Do You Clear Clogged Drains?

Having pinpointed the blockage we’ll decide on the best plan to clear it.

There are many methods for clearing a blocked drain – here are three main ones:

If the pipe has been blocked by the incursion of tree or plant roots – which is very common – then our Roto-Rooter service will cut through those roots and clear the pipe.

If the pipe is clogged up by cooking oils and food grease – plus the usual domestic waste that gets caught up in all this – then our high pressure water jetting will thoroughly clear all this from your pipes.

If the pipe is cracked or broken then remedial work may well be required. Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) is a long-proven, highly effective technique to completely reline and repair cracked and broken pipes.

All these methods work extremely well at getting your water moving again. Believe it or not, none of them require that we dig up your ground to get to the pipes! So minimal mess, inconvenience and cost.

So What Should I Do Next?

Call us! We’ll ask you a couple of quick questions about the situation you’re facing then come right out to fix it. We’re a local, family-run business that has been clearing blocked drains and pipes in the Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon, Eagle, Vail, Avon, Eagle-Vail, Edwards, Gypsum and surrounding areas for over three decades now. And nothing has defeated us yet!

You can learn more are Blocked Drains or Clogged Sewers and how we provide services from our base in Breckenridge, Colorado by visiting our Clogged toilet, blocked pipe, broken sewer.